Newly opened! A new addition to the “chaotic” tax-free shops at Narita Airport!

A new addition to the Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA shops, which have one of the widest range of products among the tax-free shops at Narita Airport.

The Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA shops have been named after Akihabara, a city known as the center of Japanese subculture. They are some of the largest shops at Narita Airport, offering everything from everyone’s go-to Japanese products to niche items, including popular sweets, such as TOKYO BANANA, ROYCE’, and Shiroi Koibito, as well as alcoholic beverages, crafts, wristwatches, and character-themed products.

And Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA in Terminal 2 has been upgraded, and “Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA +” (or “AKIHABARA+”) has opened across the passage from Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA!

The concept of AKIHABARA+ is “Happy and Chaotic.” It carries fashion, sports, outdoor, and other products that AKIHABARA had not been able to fully cover.

In terms of fashion, it carries a wide range of items perfect for daily use or for a souvenir, such as the Suka-T that we introduced in a past entry, clothes and sneakers from Onitsuka Tiger, and T-shirts featuring the prints of Hokusai’s works, of beckoning cat motif, or of the various manhole covers from different parts of Japan.

Various embroidered items including Suka-T.( Click here to read about Suka-T)

At the Onitsuka Tiger corner, you can get not only shoes, but also clothing, socks, and bags

‟JAPAN UNDERGROUND” with manhole designs from around Japan

On top of that, it carries a huge selection of products from G-Shock wrist watches, outdoor goods of Snow Peak, and sporting goods, such as Japanese national rugby team uniforms and Shohei Ohtani items, to kimono and yukata that embody the traditional Japanese culture.

Popular Japanese outdoor brand ‟snow peak”

Neon lights are used as the core feature of the interior design, portraying today’s Japan through AKIHABARA’s perspective. At the front of the shop, Monument of a Dancer that symbolizes AKIHABARA+ welcomes you. Made with recycled plastic bottles, this impressive three-meter-high dancer figure embodies the concept of the SDGs. Together with the symbolic Nebuta float of Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA, it has already been attracting so much attention as a new photo op spot of Narita Airport.

■DATA Fa-So-La AKIHABARA + Narita Airport Terminal 2, 3rd Floor, Narita 5th Avenue(Area Beyond Outbound Passport Control) Opening hours: 7:00~22:00 Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/fasola_akihabara/?hl=ja (Information as of September 2023.)

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