1.Website Terms of Use
This website (http://narita-akihabara.jp/) (hereinafter “Website”) is operated by NAA Retailing Corporation (hereinafter the “Company”).
In using this Website, make sure to read the considerations that you should take into account as well as the terms of use.
When you use this Website, you will be deemed to have agreed with these terms.
Note that the Site Policy may be changed without prior announcement to users.
2.Intellectual Property Rights
As a general rule, the rights associated with the copyright, trademark rights, and other intellectual property of any content, including but not limited to the text, photographs, and illustrations, on this Website belong to the Company and to its business companies. Other than personal use, quoting, etc. permitted by the Copyright Act, you may not use the content of this Website, whether in whole or in part, in other ways such as reposting, replication, modification, translation, and public transmission without written permission of the Company and its business company for such use. Also, the “Fa-So-La” trademark, logos, names, service marks, etc. are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Company; therefore, you will need the Company’s permission if you wish to use any of them.
3.Information posted on the website
There is no guarantee that information offered on this website is correct, useful, up to date, etc. Information posted on this website shall be modified, deleted, disclosure stopped, changed or added as needed. Use of this site constitutes your acceptance that the Company and its business partners accept no liability for loss arising directly or indirectly from the information provided on the site, or the use of this information(except in case of willful misconduct or gross negligence).
The company accepts no liability for loss arising from personal information collected by sites it does not operate and which are linked from this site. Use this site at your own discretion.
4.Problems that may be caused by use of this site
This site accepts no liability for trouble which occurs to personal computers or computer peripheral equipment of those accessing this site and direct or indirect damage caused by any such trouble.
Links to this Website
As a general rule, you may freely establish links to this Website, including its homepage and all other content, and you do not need to contact us before or after linking. However, we may not allow linking if the website to which this Website will be linked corresponds to any of the following items.
• It goes against public order and good morals.
• It is or might be infringing any of the copyright or other intellectual property rights of the Company or third parties.
• It causes or might cause damage due to defamation, etc. of the Company or third parties.
• It is or might be in violation of any laws, regulations, rules, etc.
• It is using the link for profit without the Company’s permission.
• The Company deems that the fact that the content belongs to the Company is unclear and that it might be misleading to third parties, for example when this Website is placed in a frame.
• It is detrimental to sincere third parties, it contains content that could significantly ruin the image of the Company, or the Company deems that there is a possibility of such situations.
If you are linking pages other than the homepage, note that we may alter the Website’s structure without prior announcement. In such case, we accept no liability even if the link becomes invalid. Additionally, note that we accept no liability for websites on which the links are established.

Links on this Website to other websites
Third party websites linked from this Website are managed and operated on their respective website operator’s own responsibility, and the Company does not manage their content. The Company accepts no liability either for the content of the websites linked from this Website or for any damage you incur due to the use of such websites. When using a website linked from this Website, make sure to follow the terms of use, rules, etc. specified on the website.
When using this Website, you shall not:

• engage in actions which hinder the operation of this Website,
• engage in actions which could cause trouble to the Company, its customers, or other third parties,
• reverse-engineer its content,
• modify, tamper, or delete its content without authorization,
• send or write harmful computer programs, etc.,
• without authorization, access servers, etc. that are related to this Website and are managed by the Company or its affiliated companies,
• engage in actions which damage the reputation or trust of the Company or third parties,
• engage in actions which are or might be in violation of public order and good morals,
• engage in actions which are or might be a crime, or lead to or might lead to a crime,
• engage in actions which violate or might violate any laws, regulations, rules, etc.
• pretend to be someone else,
• engage in actions which infringe or might infringe the intellectual property rights, such as copyright, trademark rights, and patent rights, or privacy of the Company or third parties,
• engage in actions which defame the Company or third parties,
• engage in actions which are for profit using this Website, or
• exploit systems, including bugs, not intended by the Company.
7.Data Security
For your security, this site uses 2048-bit SSL RSA key encryption certified by GlobalSign.
8.Recommended Browsers and OS
This site recommends the following browsers and OS.

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9.Collection and Use of Web Access Data
To track usage, this Website uses a function called web beacon, a technology for tracking access to websites and their pages. A web beacon analyzes web traffic by collecting user data such as geographical locations, browser types, website visit duration, pageviews, session count, and redirection count. These collected data do not include online identifiers such as cookies and IP addresses, and this Website uses the collected data for the purpose of improving the services of this Website through access analysis. Note that we neither obtain personal information nor identify individuals using the data collected by the web beacon.
10. Governing Laws and Competent Court
The interpretation and application of the terms of use of this Website shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Also, unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over all disputes related to the use of this Website.

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