3 Recommended spots in a new landmark in tokyo "TOYOSU SENKYAKU BANRAI"!

"Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai" is not only a treasure trove of seafood, but actually a treasure trove of rare gourmet foods and Japanese Traditions!

Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai is a new spot just opened in February 2024. It consists of a food and entertainment building called "Toyosu Jogai Edomae Ichiba" that offers tasty foods and high-quality products and a hot spring building called "Tokyo Toyosu Manyo Club" that lets you enjoy hot spring baths in the middle of the Tokyo metropolis.

You might think of seafood because it is located outside the Toyosu market, but it has so much more to offer! In this article, we would like to introduce our recommended shops that we visited in Toyosu Jogai Edomae Ichiba.

Rice is a must for Japanese food! So we first visited Komesankaku, a stand-up restaurant that mainly serves dishes using rice. Here you can enjoy dishes with rice, which is used in a variety of different ways, together with Japanese sake.

The restaurant has three specialties: a rice ball dish called "Overflowing seafood rice ball of the day", a fermented dish called "King kimchi with cheese and creamy yukhoe", and an aged pork dish called "Creamy steamed Roppaku Kurobuta pork". Please note that each person can order only one of the three dishes. This time, we ordered these three dishes and some Japanese sake.

The sashimi on "Overflowing seafood rice ball of the day" is so colorful and beautiful like jewelry that it’ll make you want to upload photos on social media. It also tastes great, and the combination of super fresh sashimi, carefully selected seaweed, and the rice is amazing! You can enjoy it as it is as a seafood bowl, but it is also fun to wrap it in seaweed and enjoy it as a hand roll sushi. Eating instructions are placed at the tables, so read them and enjoy the dish your way.

"Overflowing seafood rice ball of the day"

Next is "King kimchi with cheese and creamy yukhoe." The contrast between the savory and spicy kimchi and the sweetness of the fatty tuna tartare and cream cheese inside is very nice. You can also enjoy each one separately, and each one pairs so well with sake, be careful not to drink too much!

"King kimchi with cheese and creamy yukhoe"

The last one is "Creamy steamed Roppaku Kurobuta pork". It has a piece of soft daikon radish with the savory broth soaked into the core, topped with Roppaku brand pork simmered to soft perfection with two-year aged soy sauce. The gentle flavor of the broth and the savory flavor of the pork meat spread in your mouth as you chew it. Chasing it with Japanese sake guarantees a moment of bliss.

"Creamy steamed Roppaku Kurobuta pork"

The Japanese sake served are changed daily, so we told the server that we preferred dry sake and decided to go with their recommendations. They use different types of glass according to the characteristics of the sake. This time, since our sake was very fragrant, it was served in a glass that would accentuate the aroma. Despite its clear taste, the recommended sake has rich aroma and a nice aftertaste. It also paired superbly well with the dishes we ordered, each bringing out the best of the other.


When we were walking on the main street looking for some sweets after enjoying the meal, a crowd of people caught our attention. When we looked inside, we saw a staff member piping out a ridiculous amount of paste onto a pudding and making Mont Blanc! Seeing something like that this close, we had no other choice but to try it! It seems like this café called "Hamakaze Sabou" serves matcha drinks and sweets made with Fukuoka-grown Yame tea, which has a sweet and strong flavor.

Crowds gathered to watch the moment the matcha paste was piped out.

Yame Matcha Latte looks tempting, but we decided to get Yame tea Mont Blanc that we just saw how it’s made. As soon as we placed our order, the staff member let us know saying, "Customer No. XX! I’m piping it out!" so that we wouldn’t miss out on the photo opportunity. Now, let’s dig in! As you put the fluffy and airy paste in your mouth, the paste’s sweetness and the matcha powder’s flavor spreads in your mouth! The pudding inside has a creamy taste and goes super well with matcha. Strongly recommended if you like sweets!

Paste of Yame tea Mont Blanc is piped out one by one upon receiving an order.

After receiving the products, take a commemorative photo at the photo spot!

Now we are stuffed with good food and sweets, let’s check out Japan’s traditional craftsmanship. "Kiwami" is a knife specialty shop carrying a wide variety of knives, including ones for household use and ones for professional use. Japanese knives are known for their superb quality. As we stepped inside the shop, it was bustling not only with Japanese people, but also with foreigners.

The view of the knives of different sizes, uses, and materials displayed across the walls is truly impressive.

The knives with beautiful Damascus patterns evoke the image of Japanese swords.

The shop not only helps you find knives based on uses, but also lets you try out ones you are interested in. You will surely be amazed by their extraordinary sharpness and be able to find one you will love.

"Senzo Limited edition" from Suncraft has a beautiful handle design.

You will definitely need more than one day to fully enjoy Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai because it just has so many different restaurants and shops, such as restaurants perfect for enjoying a meal in a relaxed atmosphere, restaurants perfect for restaurant hopping, and shops where you can experience Japanese culture. Manyo Club in the facility has a hotel, so why not stay there so that you can take time to explore.

■DATA "TOYOSU SENKYAKU BANRAI" Address: 6-5-1 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo Open 365days Official website: https://toyosu-senkyakubanrai.jp/languages/en/

(Information as of March 2024)

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