Three popular products from Hokkaido-based LeTAO that are available at Narita Airport

LeTAO is one of the most famous Western style confectioners in Hokkaido. Did you know that their products are available at Narita Airport? We would like to introduce LeTAO’s three popular products that you can get at Fa-So-La AKIHABARA!

The first one is “Fromage Double,” the most popular one loved by everyone.

It is a cheesecake consisting of two layers: a baked cheese which is made with cream cheese from Australia that is characterized by the natural flavor of fresh milk and a slight sweetness, and no-bake cheesecake which is made with mascarpone cheese from Northern Italy that is characterized by a rich flavor just like fresh cream. Combined with these cheeses sourced from around the world is the LeTAO’s signature Hokkaido fresh cream, which has a rich milk flavor and a refreshing aftertaste. Fromage Double, which is made with carefully-selected ingredients, is a popular product that has fans all around Japan. The tax-free store version available at Narita Airport comes in a special cold package, so you can carry it around longer than normal. Moreover, you can get LeTAO’s original cool bag for free when you purchase three pieces of Fromage Double at Fa-So-La AKIHABARA, so you can get them before boarding your flight without worry.

Fromage Double (Tax-free store version) / Tax-free price ¥2,400

The second one is “Otaru Rue Ironai Fromage.” It is LeTAO’s signature langue de chat that offers a perfect fusion between the cheese cookies with a rich buttery flavor and the sweet, thin cheese chocolate discs. It is made with the same cream cheese, Italian mascarpone cheese, and LeTAO’s original fresh cream that are used in Fromage Double. The cookies are individually packed, so it makes a perfect souvenir for giving out to many people.

Otaru Rue Ironai Fromage 10 pieces / Tax-free price ¥1,000              18 pieces / Tax-free price ¥1,800              24 pieces / Tax-free price ¥2,400 *Available products may vary by store.

The last one is “Petit Chocolat in Tins (Strawberry & Amande Uji Matcha).” Each piece of Petit Chocolat Strawberry is made by wrapping a scrumptious, freeze-dried Japan-grown whole strawberry in white chocolate and coating it with strawberry powder. It lets you enjoy an amazing harmony between the strawberry’s sourness and the white chocolate. Petit Chocolat Amande Uji Macha is made by wrapping a fragrant candied almond in Uji matcha chocolate. It has a distinctive taste created by the gentle and rich taste of Uji matcha. They come in a cute package, so it would also be nice to get one for yourself.

Petit Chocolat in Tin Cans (Strawberry & Amande Uji Matcha) / Tax-free price ¥1,980

Fa-So-La AKIHABARA also carries other products, such as limited-time products made with seasonal fruits. Enjoy the great taste of LeTAO at Narita Airport.

■DATA Available at: Fa-So-La AKIHABARA Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/fasola_akihabara/?hl=ja

(Information as of April 2024.)

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