Jaga Pokkuru—a one of a kind potato snack

Out of the many diverse Japanese snacks, in this article, we would like to recommend Jaga Pokkuru, a snack created in Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture of Japan. It has a light flavor and crispiness and is so popular that it is familiarly called “three brothers” in Taiwan and China. Try Jaga Pokkuru—a one of a kind potato snack that will keep you coming back for more!

Whether you have been to Hokkaido or not, I want you to remember one thing: Hokkaido is the largest producer of potatoes in Japan. Hokkaido is a wonderful tourist destination, as it offers so many great things such as breathtaking scenery that changes with seasons, winter sports, and a wide variety of gourmet food, but it is also an important agricultural land for Japan, which is an island nation. The cool climate of Hokkaido is perfect for growing potatoes, and Jaga Pokkuru is made by using only the Hokkaido-grown potatoes.

You can also see the manufacturer’s obsession with Hokkaido in the manufacturing method. First, the potatoes produced in Hokkaido are transported to a local factory. To keep the umami of the potatoes, they are cut up with the skin on. With a dedication to perfection, salt from the Sea of Okhotsk, which stretches out off the northeast side of Hokkaido, is used to create the light flavor, and the final product is the exquisite potato snack with the soft and crispy texture.

Calbee, Inc. Hokkaido Factory

The word “Pokkuru” in the product name, Jaga Pokkuru, was derived from “Koropokkuru.” “Koropokkuru” is an Ainu language word that refers to the small people who live under butterbur leaves. They are said to help us from time to time by secretly leaving food for us. The product name, Jaga Pokkuru, was created by combining the word “Koropokkuru” and “jaga,” which means “potato” in Japanese.

The package features cute characters. In Taiwan and China, Jaga Pokkuru is loved so much that it has gotten the nickname, three brothers, based on the three potato stick characters with arms and legs.

Each box contains multiple small packs, so it is perfect for giving it out to multiple people. Look for the package featuring warm and rustic colors and the “three brothers” illustration. Jaga Pokkuru Okhotsk Salt Flavor (18 g x 10 packs) / Tax-free price ¥973 (Calbee)

Everyone’s go-to Hokkaido souvenir, Jaga Pokkuru. It is basically available only in Hokkaido, but you can also get it here at Fa-So-La AKIHABARA. Everyone from kids to adults will definitely love it! (Information as of June 2023)