Vinyl records are making a resurgence in popularity! Hands-on vinyl record café "RECOCO Shibuya"

In December 2023, a record café, where you can freely listen to over 300 vinyl records, opened in a seven-minute walking distance from Shibuya Station. Fancy some music for your trip?

Record cafés had been gaining popularity in Korea, and now we finally have one in Japan, and the concept of RECOCO Shibuya is a "café that even the people who pick up records for the first time can enjoy." Japan has a strongly-rooted vinyl record culture, and a very high number of records are still out there. The excitement of picking up a record jacket, the analog way of placing a record onto a player, and so on—the experience you have with records is all the more captivating because we now live in the era in which we can listen to music anytime with no hassle using smartphones.

The time spend setup the vinyl also raises expectations for the music.

The interior of the café is decorated with eye-catching record jackets. Appreciating the jacket artwork is also a great way to enjoy vinyl records. Each table is equipped with a record player and headphones, so you can listen to the songs you would like to listen at any time of your choosing.

There's a video and instruction manual on how to use the player so that even the first-time users can use it easily.

The headphones are SONY’s MDR-CD900ST that are used in professional settings. They are monitor headphones, so they can deliver the sound of vinyl records faithfully to the original.

As you go down the stairs in the café, there is a basement furnished with record racks. Choosing records in a space that feels like a secret hideout would be such a special experience.

The basement has lighting and interior design completely different from those of the café space, making it feel surreal.

The café menu is also extensive, and you can enjoy the special menu along with the music.

The café’s specialty sweet is chocolate flavored RECOCO Baumkuchen characterized by a record-inspired look. It also serves other sweets such as Cinnamon Cheesecake and Earl Grey Tart.

And just as records have a B-side, the café has a secret menu item called Grown-ups’ Pudding Affogato. The sense of specialness unlike the items on the normal menu make it even more enjoyable.

The café has relaxed, antique vibes, so it is also nice to visit in the evening or at night for a relaxing me-time.

The moody interior has comfortable sofa seats where you can relax.

Alcohol menu is also available and can be used as a night café.

Many people rarely listen to vinyl records, but they often get surprised by the beauty of the sound. Why not ‘top’ your trip with a vinyl record experience?

■DATA RECOCO Shibuaya Address:THE HORIZON Shibuya 1F, 3-1-10 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Opening hours: 11a.m. – 9p.m. (Last order at 8:30p.m.) Closed on Tuesday Official website:https://recoco.cafe/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/recoco.cafe/

(Information as of March 2024.)

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