Travel back in time to retro Japan at “27 Kissa”, a café opened in a former cabaret site

Not just for a little break during your trip, but also for experiencing Tokyo’s unique culture—the retro-looking 27 Kissa (meaning “27 café”) is a must-go spot that everyone is talking about.

If you are looking to experience the nostalgic vibes of Japan, why not stop by at a café called 27 Kissa located in Kabukicho, a night entertainment town in Shinjuku, Tokyo? The café has also been gaining popularity not only as a place where you can experience the recent trend of retro Showa period vibes, but also as an Insta-worthy spot.

27 Kissa was developed by renovating the former site of “Hinomaru Cabaret” (meaning “rising sun cabaret”), and it turns into a night club during nighttime. The rising sun neon light, and the nostalgic-looking red carpet and semicircle blue couches that carry the vibes of the cabaret that existed 50 years ago during the Showa period—everything is picture perfect.

The neon sign which is inspired by the Japanese flag, has an outstanding presence.

You can enjoy the menu of a retro coffee shop in a space where you can feel the atmosphere of a Showa cabaret.

You shouldn’t also miss out on the photogenic food and drinks. The most popular drink is an alcoholic ice cream float called “27 Club Soda” that comes in different colors. It has been named after the club’s name.

The brightly colored sodas with alcohol are instagrammable and match the interior design. *This menu is for those who are 20 years old or older.

Moreover, since Oitsuki Mika, the person in charge of the concept and the food and beverage menu of 27 Kissa, works as an ambassador for Oreo, the café also serves a variety of drinks topped with Oreo cookies, such as “Ore no Oreo au Lait” (meaning “my Oreo café au lait”) and “Orera no Oreo Parfait” (meaning “our Oreo parfait”).

The menu with Oreo will help you overcome the fatigue of the trip. They serve "Oreo Shake" as well.

Their specialty dish that you should definitely try is “Kuro no Omurice” (meaning “black rice omelette”). Despite its astonishing appearance with bamboo charcoal-colored black chicken rice, wrapped in fried eggs and drizzled with a generous amount of white sauce made with cheese, it is said to be good for detoxication, as bamboo charcoal is full of minerals. And not to mention, it tastes amazing too.

This impactful appearance would be one of the nice story of your trip!

Furthermore, for their coffee, the essential part of a café, they use beans from Sarutahiko Coffee, a coffee specialty shop based in Ebisu, Tokyo, so it is also a perfect place for enjoying delicious coffee when you are in Shinjuku.

They also sell original t-shirts in collaboration with Japanese street fashion brand “WIND AND SEA.”

T-shirts with the store's logo are popular items that inevitably sell out. Check the instagram for restock information.

27 Kissa is a café that offers a variety of ways for having a good time enjoying sweets and lunch, taking photos, and experiencing unique Japanese culture. When you get tired from walking around Tokyo, why not stop by and take a break while immersing yourself in the retro vibes of Japan?

■DATA Address: 3F Acb Kaikan, 2-36-3 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-6205-5567 ▼"27 Kissa" Opening hours : 11:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (open until 7:30 p.m. on Fridays, L.O./food 7:00 p.m., drink 7:30 p.m.) *Smoking allowed in all seats Open 365days ▼"THE27CLUB" (Cabaret) Opening hours : 8:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m. Standing / ¥2,000 (1DRINK) Side Seat / ¥3,000 (1DRINK) VIP SEAT / ¥6,000 (Free-Flowing Drink 120min) Closed on Sunday and Monday Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/27kissa (Information as of January 2024)