Away from bustling cities—a secret paradise where you can enjoy Japanese contemporary art and craft beer

“GASBON METABOLISM” is an art facility that attracts art enthusiasts. It is located in Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture, a city surrounded by beautiful mountains. Right next to it is a complex called “MANGOSTEEN HOKUTO” where you can enjoy beer. What is it about this place that attracts them so much?

GASBON METABOLISM was opened in 2022 by Shinjiro Nishino, who runs an art gallery in Tokyo. Renovated from a large former factory of a tripod manufacturer, it has a variety of features such as a space for exhibiting works of contemporary artists who have been drawing attention both in and outside Japan, a place for artists-in-residence, storage for artworks, and a photo studio. It also actively collaborates with the local community.

It is very large, as it has a floor area of over 1,000 m2. The biggest appeal of this facility is that you can display works or engage in creative activities utilizing its spaciousness, which is hardly possible in Tokyo where it is always crowded with people and things. Another aspect that makes it appealing to urban dwellers is the lush nature around the city, as it is located near the Southern Alps, the greatest mountain range of Japan. Taking advantage of these aspects, GASBON METABOLISM aims to “continue fostering diverse interactions in collaboration with the local community.”

Gallery space at GASBON METABOLISM.

Additionally, the building, which used to be used as a truck terminal when the factory was still in operation, now houses a complex called MANGOSTEEN HOKUTO, which has a craft beer brewery and a taproom.

It is a new project by a company that has been running a liquor shop/bar in Tokyo. On top of freshly made craft beer, you can also enjoy Mexican mezcal and Australian organic wine that you don’t usually see in Japan, as well as special dishes such as boiled dumplings, whose wrappers are made with used malt. Moreover, they sometimes have live performances and music events with DJs and bands.

The liquor shop, which was renovated from a former factory site, features a lineup of alcoholic beverages purchased from both Japan and overseas.

Brewery MANGOSTEEN BREWING LAB's original craft beer.

A craft beer brewery "MANGOSTEEN BREWING LAB"

At “MANGOSTEEN CANTEEN,” you can enjoy a type of Taiwanese noodle soup called “mee suah,” which is steamed thin somen noodles boiled in thick broth and served hot.

MANGOSTEEN CANTEEN is a rustic restaurant built by renovating the former factory’s employee cafeteria.

It is about three hours by bus and train from Tokyo. Why not enjoy art and alcohol to your heart’s content at this amazing place in a wonderful location?

■DATA ▼GASBON_METABOLISM Address: 12 Asao Shinden, Akeno-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Opening hours: 11a.m.- 5p.m. Closed: Tuesday - Thursday (adjustable by appointment) Official website: http://studio.gasbook.net/ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gasbon_gasbook/ ▼MANGOSTEEN HOKUTO Address: 31-1 Asao Shinden, Akeno-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture Opening hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11a.m. - 8p.m. Official website: https://mangosteen.vc/mangosteen-hokuto/ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mangosteen_hokuto/ (Information as of April 2024)

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