“Débris”—a highly-recommended night spot in Tokyo. What lies beyond the hidden door?

A Chinese restaurant? A book café? No, it’s not. When you walk through the hidden door. . . Enjoy a night at an underground nightclub, Débris.

Daikanyama is a town known as one of the most sophisticated towns in Tokyo. In this town, there is a hidden-base-like nightclub, Débris, in the underground of a building, which is just a few-minute walk from the Daikanyama Station. But we would like you to remember that you can’t easily get there because you will not see a nightclub when you get to the location of the address and what you will see is P.B. Restaurant, a restaurant that serves authentic Chinese porridge and medicinal tea.

The neon sign of the underground entrance hypes up the mood.

Believe it or not, you can access the nightclub through a hidden door inside P.B. Restaurant. Inspired by hidden bars of the Prohibition era, the nightclub past the hidden door features a creative space that you cannot imagine would be there.

The Asian-inspired interior decorated with neon signs and Daruma dolls.

The genres of the music played are mainly House and Techno, but they vary by event. The venue was developed by the organizers of an outdoor festival called “ZIPANG,” and its sound system and interior were co-developed with other creative people who are in the music festival industry. It offers a variety of events such as DJ performance and exhibitions, so make sure to check the schedule on Instagram and on the official website.

This space reproduces a mix of the image of a planet formed by space debris and a Prohibition-era speakeasy.

Also, don’t forget to try it’s super delicious cocktails. The cocktails such as “for Energy,” “for Recovery,” and “for Beauty/Relax” are popular among women too, as they are made using home-made medicinal alcohol as well as spirits in which crude medicine ingredients are soaked, so you can choose them according to your condition and mood.

You can also enjoy other specialty cocktails that are made with other types of alcohol such as Arctic Blue Gin, a gin with a distinctive, refined taste created with Finnish wild Arctic blueberries and fragrant spruce needles, as well as Flor de Caña, a rum made at the base of an active volcano in Nicaragua.

Flor de Caña is an exquisite rum created with a commitment to earth-friendly and sustainable production methods. It is naturally aged in fertile land at the foot of a volcano without the use of any sugar.

On top of all that, P.B. Restaurant before the entrance of the nightclub is perfect for a little dinner before enjoying a night out as well as for a little munch to wrap up the night.

The authentic Chinese porridge is cooked with broth made from kelp, shiitake mushrooms, baby shrimp, chicken bones, clams, etc. There are four different types of porridge, which are “Medicinal Porridge,” “Chicken Porridge,” “Salt Pork Porridge,” and “Seafood Porridge,” and you can add a variety of toppings such as beaten egg, zha cai, and coriander.

Why not try them for something different for your nightlife in Tokyo to spice up your trip and to make it a truly memorable one?

■DATA 〈Débris Daikanyama〉 Address: B1F, 11-12 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Opening hours: 19:00~0:00 (Friday/Saturday~1:00) Closed: Sunday TEL: 03-6416-4334 Official website: https://debrispace.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/debrisdaikanyama/ 〈P.B.Restaurant〉 Address: B1F, 11-12 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Opening hours: 19:00~0:00 (Friday/Saturday~1:00) Closed: Sunday TEL: 03-6416-4334 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p.b.restaurant/ (Information as of October 2023)

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