CITIZEN, the embodiment of Japanese craftsmanship, to release 100th anniversary limited edition models!

In 2024, one of Japan’s most prestigious watch brands CITIZEN is reaching its 100th anniversary. In this article, we would like to introduce its history and special limited edition models.

The origin of CITIZEN, which has become a global brand, dates back to 1924 around the time when the modern watch industry was beginning to bloom in Japan. The first-ever Japan-made pocket watch was created by giving shape to the passion of a watch and precious metals merchant named Kamekichi Yamazaki. The brand was named CITIZEN in hopes that it would be “used and cherished widely by the people for many years to come.”

Reaching its 100th year of the creation of its first-ever pocket watch, CITIZEN is releasing special edition models across several different collections. Under the theme of “Layers of Time,” it is releasing limited edition models that feature a dial adorned with a design that evokes the image of beautiful scenery of the earth such as geological layers and minerals. There are seven models in total, but we would like to introduce three of them in this article.

The first one is CC4057-60E from the ATTESA collection, which exudes both elegance and sportiness. It is the first design ever to be created by combining a Black Titanium™ case, a sapphire bezel, and a structural colour dial which gives off an iridescence with the reflection of light.

With glimmers on the dark dial, it has been inspired by the beautiful and fantastical view of the underground. Only 1,900 pieces worldwide. CC4057-60E / Tax-free price ¥263,000

The next one is EE1008-56E from the “xC” collection, which is a women’s watch collection that has always been loved by women who are looking for the “real deal” in terms of functions, design, materials, quality, and so on. For this new watch, CITIZEN used Black Titanium™ for the case and the bracelet and used a structural colour film on the dial so as to depict beautiful scenery that glimmers fantastically.

The lab-grown diamond gleaming at the 12 o’clock position looks like the inner radiance of the earth. Only 1,500 pieces worldwide. EE1008-56E / Tax-free price ¥93,500

The last one is CB5878-56E, an Eco-Drive radio-controlled watch, from the CITIZEN COLLECTION collection. Equipped with a chronograph, the black colour gradation in the outer perimeter of the dial creates a continuation between the case and the dial, accentuating the beauty of the structural colours at the center.

The structural colours on the dial stand out against the dark gray case and bracelet. Only 2,400 pieces worldwide. CB5878-56E / Tax-free price ¥55,250

At Fa-So-La AKIHABARA, the seven limited edition models will become available on May 28, which is CITIZEN’s founding date. (Only certain models will be available at the Terminal 3 store.) If you are coming to Japan around that time, it is a rare opportunity for obtaining the limited edition models. Come shop at Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA when you are using Narita Airport!

■DATA Store info: Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fasola_akihabara/ (Information as of May 2024) CITIZEN “Layers of Time” special webpage: https://www.citizenwatch-global.com/layersoftime/index.html