Let’s make famous landmark of Japan with wooden 3D puzzles!

“ki-gu-mi” is a series of wooden 3D puzzles developed by incorporating a traditional Japanese construction method called “kigumi”. By building famous places and characters of Japan by yourself, you can experience Japan’s unique construction method. Build them and display them for twice the fun! Why not get these amazing puzzles for a souvenir?

“Kigumi” is a method for building structures, furniture, etc. by joining pieces of wood together without using any metal parts such as screws and nails. With the method, you can create beautiful shapes and designs while ensuring strength. The method has long been used in Japan, and it is used in historic architecture as well as in shrines and temples. On top of that, it is eco-friendly, and the design that makes use of wood grain is also appreciated by many. In this article, we would like to introduce “ki-gu-mi”—3D puzzles developed by incorporating the kigumi method. It is perfect for a souvenir, as you can build them easily. Not only can you experience the kigumi method by assembling them by yourself, but you can also learn the structure of Japanese architecture with your own hands. Another wonderful aspect of this product is its contribution to sustainability. It has obtained the FSC certification, as it uses eco-friendly wood and has been taking part in an initiative for protection and sustainable use of forests. This Himeji Castle puzzle recreates the castle’s elaborate details such as the shapes of and the patterns on the structures, making it feel as if you were looking at the actual castle.

World Heritage site Himeji Castle, recreated with ki-gu-mi. The beautiful appearance of the chalk white castle, also known as “Shirasagi / Hakuro-jo” (meaning “White Heron castle”), has been brought into life with a soft texture of wood. Himeji Castle / Tax-free price ¥7,000 (Azone Co., Ltd.)

Every element of this Kinkaku-ji puzzle is extremely detailed from the gold leaf to the sculpture. After building it, it would be a stylish and gorgeous interior.

Beautiful Kinkaku-ji gleaming in gold, faithfully recreated and colored. Temple of the Golden Pavilion Color Ver. / Tax-free price ¥9,000 (Azone Co., Ltd.)

Maneki-neko is a good luck charm believed to bring good fortune. Highly recommended for cat lovers too!

Not just cute, but it might bring in good fortune when you display it. Maneki-neko / Tax-free price ¥2,500 (Azone Co., Ltd.)

ki-gu-mi puzzles are recommended not only as puzzles, but also as beautiful ornaments. Since it is made with natural wood, you can also enjoy the natural scent and texture. Definitely pick them up at Fa-So-La AKIHABARA in Narita Airport before getting on your flight back home. You can enjoying a relaxing time building them by yourself, but it would also be nice to enjoy building them with your friends and family so that you can enjoy a “Japan trip” even after going back to your country. (Information as of May 2023)