You can never go wrong with this souvenir—"KITKAT" with Japan-exclusive flavors!

Sometimes it’s a hassle to find a souvenir that anyone would be happy to receive. Since you are in Japan, you might as well try to get something that is distinctively Japanese, but some people might not like things that are too eccentric. So here is the solution! "KITKAT"—one of the most popular sweets in the world. Anyone, regardless of age or gender, will definitely love its Japan-exclusive flavors!

One of the reasons that makes "KITKAT" so popular is the variety of its flavors. In addition to the basic flavors, there are many different flavors that are available only in Japan, such as the “Premium KITKAT” series made with special ingredients and manufacturing processes as well as the “Regional KITKAT” series which incorporates the tastes of local specialties from different areas of Japan and which also features cute, modern Japanese-style packages. These packages are fun to look at, and some of them even come in the form of a specially-shaped box or of a can that can be used as a trinket box. They will definitely make you want to collect them all, and you will definitely be able to find one that suits your preference!

Another fascinating aspect of "KITKAT" Japan is that it constantly incorporates unique ideas and creativity. Not only is it putting effort into sustainability initiatives, but it also makes packages, which feature phrases like “Thank you!” “Love you!” or “Nice to meet you!” for communicating your feelings to the receiver, and also offers the “Chocollabo” service that lets you create your original package by adding photos and text. An even more interesting fact is that the name "KITKAT" sounds similar to a Kyushu dialect phrase “kitto katsuto” (meaning, “You will win for sure!”), so "KITKAT" is also popular as an item for cheering up students who are studying hard for their entrance examination. In the past, there was even one with a paper package from which you could make a charm by folding it in a certain way.

Always attracting attention with new ideas and initiatives, "KITKAT" has always been so loved in Japan that over 400 varieties have been launched to date. Some of the Japan-exclusive "KITKAT" is also available at Fa-So-La AKIHABARA, so stop by and pick them up at the end of your trip. Familiar but special—they make a wonderful souvenir!

KITKAT Mini Tokyo Shima Lemon (10 bars) / Tax-free price ¥900 (Nestlé)

The first one we would like to introduce is “KITKAT Mini Tokyo Shima Lemon.” The cream mixed with the juice powder of Shima Lemon (meaning “island lemon”), which is a local specialty of Ogasawara Islands, Tokyo, is sandwiched between wafers and wrapped in white chocolate, which has been colored green inspired by Shima Lemon. Enjoy the refreshing sweetness and taste!

KITKAT Mini Strawberry Cheesecake Flavor in Mt. Fuji Package (8 bars) / Tax-free price ¥680 (Nestlé)

This unique version with a package resembling Mt. Fuji has cream with cheese in it sandwiched between wafers, which is then coated with strawberry cheesecake-flavored white chocolate. With the eye-catching box, this one makes a perfect souvenir from Japan!

KITKAT Mini Uji Matcha (3 bars) (Only available at airports) / Tax-free price ¥1,600 (Nestlé)

This is the flavor that you don’t want to miss when you come to Japan. This is Uji Matcha flavor, popular not only among Japanese people, but also among foreign tourists. Featuring a package specially designed to resemble a Japanese wrapping cloth, this is a rare one that is available only at airports.

Another great thing about "KITKAT" products is that they are reasonable, so givers can give them casually and receivers can accept them casually. Why not give your favorite Japan-exclusive "KITKAT" to people who are close to you and share the memories of your trip? (Information as of April 2023)

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