An incredible view with both cherry blossoms and autumn leaves together!

A place where you can appreciate cherry blossoms and autumn leaves at the same time! What is the "Obara Shikizakura Matsuri" held in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture?

When you talk about the four seasons in Japan, you can’t leave out the cherry blossoms in spring and the leaves with changing colors in autumn. Don’t you think it would be twice the excitement if you could see them both at once during your Japan trip? Here’s the solution! The “Obara Shikizakura Matsuri” (or Obara Shikizakura Four-Season Cherry Blossom Trees Festival) held from the 11th through the 30th of November, is where you can do that!

You can enjoy a spectacular view of the blazing red autumn leaves and pale pink cherry blossoms.

The festival is held in the Obara district in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, which is the hometown of global car manufacturer TOYOTA. The Obara district has over 10,000 cherry blossom trees called “Shikizakura,” and one of them is over 100 years old and has been designated as Aichi Prefecture’s natural monument. Cherry blossoms are generally known to bloom during spring, but Shikizakura is a very rare species of cherry tree, as its flowers bloom twice a year in both spring and autumn, so you can see it during the same period as that of autumn leaves.

The main area of the festival is “Obara Fureai Park,” which is also the arrival/departure area for the shuttle buses that run between the park, “Senmi Shikizakura no Sato,” and Yakusa Station. There you can enjoy a nice, relaxing stroll along the trail while appreciating cherry blossoms and autumn leaves within arm’s reach. During the festival period, there will be food stalls and souvenir shops, as well as special events such as a Japanese drum performance and an open-air Kabuki performance.

Within the Obara district, you can see the most Shikizakura in Senmi Shikizakura no Sato. The enchanting view with about 1,200 Shikizakura trees and autumn leaves is waiting for you. Across the bridge from the bus stop, there are also street stalls run by the local people. So don’t forget to try the Japanese food stall dishes, such as salt-grilled whole sweetfish, which only live in clean freshwater, as well as “Gohei Mochi,” which is a local cuisine of the Chubu region and is made by grilling a flat rice cake with miso or soy sauce-based sauce.

Senmi Shikizakura no Sato can be reached by a 10-minute shuttle bus ride from Obara Fureai Park.

“Obara Shikizakura Matsuri” is a unique event where you can enjoy "cherry blossoms" and "autumn leaves" at the same time. Don't miss the chance to capture the gorgeous collaboration of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves on your camera, which is rarely seen in Japan. (Information as of October 2023.)