BLUE NOTE PLACE—where you’ll find the best food and music

Part of the fun of traveling is enjoying great food, and traveling makes you want to release your inner self more with the best music. BLUE NOTE PLACE is a dining space that opened in December 2022, embracing the spirit of prestigious jazz club Blue Note Tokyo. It is a new spot where you can enjoy great food and music at the same time. Your journey of discovering the amazing culture of Tokyo starts here.

The vast sky that makes the sound of the bustling city go away and the beautiful red brick building standing there. The building stands at the entrance of Yebisu Garden Place, a commercial complex where people with diverse values and lifestyles gather. BLUE NOTE PLACE, which was developed making use of the historic structure that formerly housed a beer restaurant, is worth visiting not only for the food and music, but also for the beautiful building.

When you step inside, you’ll be amazed by the huge atrium that extends from the 1st floor through the 2nd floor. It creates a great sense of openness, making it feel like the space with over 200 seats is larger than it actually is. The sunlight coming in through numerous windows is also beautiful. From lunch hours to café hours to dinner hours to bar hours—it changes its face many times throughout the day.

In the dining area, there is a stage and a DJ booth equipped with a professional-grade sound system, and they have live performances and DJ performances of a wide variety of genres that are switched depending on the day of the week, so you can have a wonderful time every night! Also, they sometimes have paid live events featuring overseas artists. Check out the official website and see what they have during the time of your stay in Japan to decide when to visit.

The theme of the food they serve is “modern American.” High quality ingredients are cooked in a simple manner, and spices and dipping sauces add to the originality of the dishes. At the food stand outside the building, you can also get meticulously-prepared food and drinks for takeout, so it would also be nice to stop by when you are strolling around the town.

When you are visiting the restaurant, of course it is a great idea to dress up to set the mood for a wonderful dining experience to spice up your Tokyo trip, but BLUE NOTE PLACE will always warmly welcome you even if you randomly stop by in a casual everyday outfit. Allowing diverse people to enjoy the best food and music in their own ways—such an atmosphere is the culture that BLUE NOTE PLACE has begun nurturing.

Modern American-style dishes that are both tasty and eye-pleasing

“Gumbo,” the famous soup of New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, is delightfully delicious!

From the entrance, you can see the dining area through the windows.

Thanks to the atrium, you can enjoy live and DJ performances from the 2nd floor as well.

Enjoy the carefully-selected natural wines, craft beers, and authentic cocktails at the bar.

There is also a library space where you can learn about different food and music cultures.

Just like Blue Note Tokyo, you can sit so close to the performers that you can almost hear their breathing.

The terrace seats where you can enjoy the uninterrupted view of the vast space of Yebisu Garden Place

Look for this red brick building when you are visiting for the first time!

BLUE NOTE PLACE https://www.bluenoteplace.jp/ Yebisu Garden Place, 4-20-4 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (Information as of June 2023)