Would you like to stay at NINTENDO's former head office building, Marufukuro?

Did you know that the former head office building of NINTENDO, the venerable publisher loved by gamers around the world, has been transformed into a stylish hotel? Its name is Marufukuro. And it's located in that hugely popular tourist destination, Kyoto! Along the city's temples and shrines, you can also experience the history of Japanese popular culture.

"Super Mario", "Donkey Kong", "Kirby", and "The Legend of Zelda". The history of Nintendo, which has produced many classic games that continue to be enjoyed around the world, began in 1889 as a company manufacturing and selling the card game “Hanafuda” (Japanese playing cards). The company went on to grow rapidly, becoming Japan's first playing card manufacturer and the largest card manufacturer in Japan. The former head office building, which has remained vacant since 1959 when the head office was relocated due to Nintendo's expansion, was renovated in 2022, becoming a hotel named “Marufukuro,” under the design supervision of Tadao Ando, a world-renowned architect known for the Poly Grand Theatre in Shanghai and the Bourse de Commerce in Paris. Its name is derived from the store name "Marufuku," which had been used in Kyoto's Kagiya-cho since its establishment. The former head office building, which also served as the residence of the company's founder Fusajiro Yamauchi, is a historic structure consisting of three buildings: an office building, a residential building, and a warehouse building. A newly built annex by Tadao Ando has been added to part of the structure, creating a unique fusion of the elements of the Showa period (retro Japan) and the Reiwa period (contemporary Japan). The interior of the hotel is decorated in the Art Deco style, which was popular in Japan in the early Showa period, featuring linear designs, geometric pattern motifs, and vivid colors. Note the architectural details and original fixtures that retain the atmosphere of the period when the building was used as Nintendo's head office. A total of 18 guest rooms, including seven suites, such as the Marufukuro Suite with a rooftop terrace and the Japanese Suite with an open-air bath and Japanese-style room, have been created in the existing building and in the new, stylishly minimal building. The hotel is all-inclusive, meaning that all expenditures during your stay are included in the accommodation fee, so visitors to Japan can enjoy their stay with peace of mind. Plan your dream visit to Kyoto starting with Marufukuro!

The Superior Suite in the original building, once used as a guest room. The fireplace has been retained as a design feature.

The Japanese Suite, where Nintendo's founder lived. It features both a Japanese-style room and an open-air bath.

The Marufukuro Suite, in the newly built annex, also features a spacious rooftop terrace.

The library space, named "dNA." Enjoy conversation in its relaxed atmosphere.

Selected books are displayed on the walls of the library, so be sure to pick one up and read it.

Discover the unique interior designs of the hotel's common areas.

The stair landing, with daylight shining through.

Signage from the time of company's founding features the words "とらんぷ" (playing cards) and "かるた" (Japanese playing cards) in which Nintendo had its beginnings.

The exterior of the hotel stands out for its stately historical brickwork.

Marufukuro 342 Kagiyacho, Kamogawa Nishiiru, Shomen-dori, Shimogyo-ku, 600-8126, Kyoto 075-353-3355 https://marufukuro.com/ (Information as of April 2023)