Three recommended products from Hokkaido-based Ishiya, including “Shiroi Koibito” and an airport-limited product

Ishiya is a popular Japanese confectionery manufacturer. In this article, we would like to introduce three Ishiya products that you can get at Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA, a tax-free shop in Narita Airport, before your flight.

The first one is Shiroi Koibito—the most popular one that many people probably associate with Ishiya. It is an exquisite confection made by sandwiching Ishiya’s original chocolate, which is specially blended for Shiroi Koibito, between savory and crispy baked “langue de chat” cookies made with Hokkaido flour, fresh cream, and sugar. It is one of the most famous souvenirs of Japan that has been maintaining its great taste for over 45 years with extreme care to detail, such as the condition of ingredients and dough, as well as baking temperatures.

The most popular Japanese souvenir. Shiroi Koibito(white chocolate) 18pcs/Tax-free price¥1,320  24pcs/Tax-free price¥1,760

The second one is “Saqu”, a variety of colorful langues de chat that have been created based on Shiroi Koibito. It is a popular product of ISHIYA G, a confectionery brand of Ishiya that has been founded to make products perfect for gifts. There are six basic flavors: “Hokkaido Cheese,” which is the most popular one that lets you enjoy the rich taste of cheese, “Hokkaido Wine” with a fruity taste, “Milk,” “Gianduja,” “Matcha Milk,” which is popular as a Japanese souvenir, and “Caramel” that uses Okhotsk salt as an accent. Choosing your favorite flavor is nice, but the assorted pack with all six flavors is also recommended if you cannot decide which one to choose. The package features a gorgeous design inspired by the plants and flowers of Hokkaido, so it makes a perfect gift.

Enjoy a variety of flavors.Saqu LANGUE DE CHAT ASSORTMENT 18pcs/Tax-free price¥2,000  30pcs/Tax-free price¥3,200

The last one is “Manekineko Chocolate” (meaning “beckoning cat chocolate”) available only at Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA in Narita Airport. This chocolate features a cute design resembling the face of the neon manekineko placed as a symbolic object at the shop in Narita Airport Terminal 1. It is an assorted pack of three flavors: “White” with mild sweetness, “Milk” with a rich and mellow taste, and “Matcha Milk” with a combination of sweetness and a fragrant matcha flavor. The package design features not only a beckoning cat, but also other very Japanese motifs, such as daruma dolls as well as pine, bamboo, and plum, making it perfect as a souvenir. It is currently available only at Terminal 1 as of February 2024, but it is going to become available at Terminal 2 and 3 in the future.

Ishiya 'Manekineko Chocolate'. 24pcs(Milk, White, Matcha Milk, 8pcs each)/Tax-free price¥1,400

Japanese-style packaging design with lucky charms printed on it.

The object at Terminal 1 Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA which is the motif of the chocolate.

Ishiya’s confectionery brings smiles and creates memories beyond the language barrier. Why not pick up some and give them to your loved ones?

(Information as of January 2024.)

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