「LUIDA'S BAR」 Show no mercy! Dive into the fantastical world Dragon Quest at Luida’s Bar in Akihabara.

Dragon Quest is a genre-defining role-playing video game series with a total sale of over 88 million physical and digital copies. Rumor has it that Luida’s Bar, a place in the games where adventurers find companions, is in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Japan’s world-famous “otaku” culture. In Akihabara, the mecca of the otaku culture, you’ll find a wide variety of themed cafés such as ones themed on maids, ninjas, coquettish little devils, and cats, and ones themed on anime or video game titles are particularly appealing to the minds of otakus. On the first floor of Karaoke Pasela located within three minutes’ walk of the Denkigai Exit of the JR Akihabara Station, there is a door that is locked tight. Beyond the door, there is the world of Dragon Quest waiting for you.

“The door is locked tight!”

“This is Luida’s Bar—a bar of encounters and farewells where travelers come to search for companions.”

“Great! You found the Zenithian Sword and the Erdrick’s Sword!”

After you sit at a table, a tutorial will be given on information such as how to use the stone tablet (how to order using the tablet) and how to use the Gold Bank of love and trust (how to check out). New adventurers should listen to them carefully. Once the tutorial is finished, let’s place orders. As you see the menu (a.k.a. the stone tablet), it has a wide variety of items such as “Slime Bun” and “Golden Slime Demi Omurice” inspired by monsters, “Flash Raidane” and “Cocktail Zarakima” inspired by spells, and other food and drinks inspired by items and characters. You would be psyched if you are a fan of the series. Even the time wondering what to order is enjoyable. There are normally three kinds of Slime Bun—meat, custard, and matcha. When we visited in April, there was a time-limited bun (stew flavor) inspired by the famous blue slimes. Golden Slime Demi Omurice is also recommended. The golden slimes’ adorable look is perfectly recreated with mayonnaise, sunflower seeds, etc. Just like in the games, it is pretty big and filling.

“A terrific blow to Slime!” The blue Slime Bun (stew flavor) is available until May 12.

“Golden Slime Demi Omurice appears!”

The drink menu is also amazing. Since it is a bar, you can order both soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. “Palpunte Vodka” is a jet-black cocktail made with black vodka. Wonder what happens when it’s consumed. . . Cocktail Zarakima has “kotodama” of death in the glass, so make sure to take precautions against death before drinking. After defeating monsters, don’t forget to heal yourself with “Hoimity” or “Elfin Elixir.”

“You cast Palpunte! You are filled with strange power!” (Left: Palpunte Vodka) “You cast Zarakima! But it does not work!!” (Right: Cocktail Zarakima)

“You use an Elfin Elixir! Your MP is fully restored!”

Dragon Quest entertains us not only in the game world, but also in the real world. Feel like the Hero at Luida’s Bar in Akihabara when you come to Japan. “Choose your own fate!”

■DATA LUIDA'S BAR Address: 1-1-10 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo  Pasela Resorts AKIBA Multi Entertainment 1F Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Tel. 0120-610-372 Official website: https://www.paselaresorts.com/collaboration/luidas_bar/

(Information as of April 2024.)

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