Welcome to Zingaro—a cultural space run by Kaikai Kiki headed by Takashi Murakami

In this article, we look at Zingaro—a captivating cultural space in the town of Nakano, which is run by Kaikai Kiki headed by contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. Why not add it to the list of your destinations during your Japan trip?

Kaikai Kiki is an art company headed by Takashi Murakami, one of Japan’s leading pop art artists. It runs Zingaro in a shopping complex called Nakano Broadway, which is a mecca for Japanese “subcultures” where you can find anything including anime, video games, and figurines. “Zingaro” is a collective term for the company’s businesses, including the gallery called “Hidari Zingaro,” the shop called “Tonari no Zingaro,” the café called “Coffee Zingaro,” and the confectionery brand called “Tonari no Kaikado.” Now, let’s dig deeper into each one!

The gallery, “Hidari Zingaro”, curates works of art, centering on experimental contemporary art with potential. It offers works from a wide range of genres, such as graffiti, street art, illustration, and pottery.

“Tonari no Zingaro” is Zingaro’s only directly-managed souvenir shop in the world. It carries a variety of products, such as apparel items, block prints, and posters made by Takashi Murakami as well as by other artists of Kaikai Kiki.

A view of the inside of “Tonari no Zingaro”. Precious goods are lined up.

Many “flower” displayed at “Tonari no Zingaro”.

The café, “Coffee Zingaro”, has recently been added to the Zingaro family. Its interior design is themed on the Showa era Japan and on the world of Kaikai Kiki. At “Coffee Zingaro”, you can enjoy the good old-fashioned menu of coffee specialty shops, as well as its own unique menu inspired by “flower” .

You can play retro video games at all the tables. They are what’s called “video game tables” that became explosively popular in Japan during the 70’s. As the name suggests, it is a video game integrated into a table. You might get hooked once you start playing…

The retro exterior of “Coffee Zingaro”.                     

All the tables are video game tables. Maybe some of you feel nostalgic.

The signature item is “Ohana Latte”. The floral cafe art is cute.                       

The confectionery brand, “Tonari no Kaikado”, makes cookies and other types of confectionery themed on flowers, which is Kaikai Kiki’s iconic trademark. You can purchase the flower cookie can at “Coffee Zingaro”. It is perfect for a souvenir.

A flower cookie can (M) from “Tonari no Kaikado” is ¥6,000, and you can't resist taking a picture of it.

Flower cookies are made in their own factory.

Kaikai Kiki’s new spot developed in a unique building called Nakano Broadway—definitely go check it out and experience one of Japan’s latest subcultures.

■DATA Adress:2F/3F/4F Nakano Broadway, 5-52-15 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo ▼Coffee Zingaro Instagram https://www.instagram.com/coffee_zingaro/ ▼Tonari no Zingaro Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tonari_no_zingaro/ ▼Tonari no Kaikado Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tonari_no_kaikado/ (Information as of September 2023)