Traditional charms “Omamori”, reimagined with modern styles—Kamado Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture.

In Japan, you can usually get Omamori at shrines and temples. Do you have one? In this article, we would like to introduce the history and culture of the trinket that has long been loved by Japanese people, as well as the latest trends, focusing on Homangu Kamado Shrine (or Kamado Shrine) in Fukuoka as an example.

If you have ever been to any shrine or temple in Japan, you have probably seen small decoration-like trinkets with colorful embroidery. They are called “Omamori” (meaning “charms”), and they are extremely common as they are believed to bring benefits such as being free of illness and tragedies, traffic safety, better luck with money, or success in love.

In recent years, new types of Omamori are coming out, featuring designs updated from the traditional designs. Let’s look at Kamado Shrine located in Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, as an example. Omamori popular at the shrine are the ones with an irresistibly cute appearance, such as the “Ichigo Mamori” (meaning “strawberry charm”) and the “Teru-teru Hare Mamori” (meaning “praying-for-a-sunny-day doll charm”). Each type of Omamori has its unique and distinctive benefits that it is believed to bring.

The Ichigo Mamori is a strawberry-shaped Omamori in prayer for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

The Teru-teru Hare Mamori is a Omamori in prayer for being able to live with mental clarity, like a clear sky on a sunny day, and with a sense of peace and security.

The “Shigoto Musubi Mamori” (meaning “fruits-of-labor charm”) is a series of Omamori in prayer for succeeding in one’s work or business, and each one has different purposes depending on the color and the type of knot.

The “Koi Mamori: Musubi no Ito” (meaning “love charm: a thread for connecting”) can be worn like a bracelet. It is believed to help your wishes come true, such as a reunion with a person you like or good encounters in your professional life.

The Omamori office, where one can obtain Kamado Shrine Omamori, has a modern architectural design that particularly stands out among the other things on the premises of the shrine. It is no doubt because it was designed by Wonderwall, a design firm founded by world-renowned interior designer Masamichi Katayama. Enjoy choosing your Omamori in a clean and classy yet cute space, which has been built mainly with white and pink stones.

The Omamori office welcoming visitors to the shrine. The building was designed with the concept of “a building that will continue to be loved for 100 years.”

The Omamori office is adorned with colorful Omamori, spells, wish cards, Ema(votive picture), and vermilion seals.

How about going out in search of a fashionable and cute Omamori to remember your trip to Japan?

■DATA. Kamado Shrine Address: 883 Uchiyama, Daizaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture Opening hours of the Omamori office: 8:30-18:00 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kamadojinja.official/ (Information as of September 2023)