Life in discarded cardboard. Have you ever heard of a "cardboard artist"?

"From useless to valuable." There is an artist in Japan who collects discarded cardboard boxes from around the world and transforms them into wallets and card cases. In his endeavors, we may find hints to help improve our planet.

"Upcycling" is an initiative that is drawing attention around the world. It's an initiative to "upgrade and transform" things that would normally be thrown away, not by "recycling" but instead by thinking of other ways to use them. One Japanese artist is tackling sustainability in this way. His name is Fuyuki Shimazu, a cardboard artist. As a student, he started Carton, an initiative to create wallets and card cases out of cardboard boxes he collected from all over the world. It all began when the wallet he used as a university student broke and he didn't have the money to replace it, so he made a makeshift wallet out of cardboard he had at home. Despite having initially thought to himself "if it lasts a month, that'll do", he was surprised to find that he had been using it for over a year, and this galvanized him to begin creating carboard wallets. The colorful and stylish products he creates using cardboard from around the world are not only reusable, but also attractive in terms of design—as Shimazu puts it, "The important things is the sequence. It is natural that we want things that are ‘cool’ or ‘kawaii’, and these feelings actually lead to sustainability. I want people to know the fun of discovering the next use for things, rather than just throwing them away when they're no longer needed". A wide variety of long wallets, mini wallets, and card cases are also available.

Classic high-capacity wallets with dynamic corrugated cardboard patterns that leave a lasting impression! Long Wallet / Tax-free price ¥20,000- (Carton)

Made from a single piece of cardboard, this compact wallet is ideal for the cashless era. Mini Wallet / Tax-free price ¥5,000~ (Carton)

The last word in compact! Fits in your wallet, and will also fit a commuter pass. Mini Card Wallet / Tax-free price ¥2,000~ (Carton) *All Carton products are handcrafted, so each piece has a different design.

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SDGs shop "SUSTAINABLE MARKET" in Fa-So-La AKIHABARA in Terminal 1

(Information as of April 2023)